David Gosz

Slogan: Completely Equipped

Hello! My name is David Gosz.  I am super excited to run for Representative this year at National Convention 2019! A little bit about myself; I come from a family of 10 (including my parents) and live in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  My dream for the future is to maybe someday own my own Film/Theater Company. I enjoy snacking on Chinese food, pineapple-cranberry juice, and gummy-bears.

This year, I decided to run for Representative with the slogan: “Completely Equipped.”  My message is actually more of a reminder. Each human was designed by God in a special unique character.  We all have different talents; your talent may be soccer, science, math, or music. Each talent was given to you as a tool to use in sharing God’s glory.  You can play soccer and share the gospel; you can teach mathematics and share the gospel; you can conduct an orchestra, run a business, be a nurse, and still share the gospel.  God has given us the Bible, the Holy Spirit, His love, and our talents as a tool to use. That is why I chose the slogan “Completely Equipped,” because God has fully equipped us to share His love to our home, city, country, and globe.  Be intentional as you use God’s gifts in sharing His magnificence. Be encouraged. Charge! ☺

I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at National Convention! Come see me at my table in Elections Hall.