Libby Robinson / Anna Adams

Anna Adams comes from the hot, muggy, but overall beautiful state of Florida. She has been given the opportunity to be involved with the life changing ministry of TeenPact for the last 4 years and is so excited to be running for Vice President alongside Libby. Anna loves people, conversations, and a good cup of mint tea. Her clothes are often conversation starters and she loves sharing her great finds from the local Goodwill to craft her look. She loves challenges and tackling things that seem daunting, but is definitely more laid back in her relationships and personality, always loving a deep conversation about life and Jesus. 

Libby Robinson currently resides in middle Georgia but has moved 11 times and is originally from the sunshine state of Florida. She has loved being a part of TeenPact for the past 4 years and is continuously impacted by TeenPact and is thrilled to be running for President this year at National Convention. On an average day, Libby can be found listening to music all day, driving her siblings to school, painting, or writing. She loves to lead worship and have conversations with people about anything and everything, especially Jesus.

Vision Statement

Robinson/Adams’ vision for the TeenPact nation is to see the body of Christ come alive in His love and to choose to live wholly committed to the Lord. Their vision is to see the community become united in an active and avid pursuit of Christ and to learn to glorify the Lord in every action and in every moment. They want to see a TeenPact nation that is characterized by genuine love for one another and a faithful walk with Jesus. 

Instagram: robinson__adams