Olivia Banta

Slogan: Perfectly Inadequate

Hey Friendo! Thanks for stopping by! 

My name is Olivia Banta and I'm from Centerburg, Ohio. I've been involved in TeenPact for 4 years. I went to NatCon in 2016 and God met me there big time! I would be a completely different person without TeenPact. TeenPact has pushed me towards Christ and I've grown tremendously through it.

You should know that I...

...am an ENFP. therefore, I'm relational, spunky, a deep thinker, and rather emotional.

...am a HUGE quality time person!

...REALLY don't like small talk. I like getting right down to the good stuff.

Some things you should know about me:

1. A BIG passion of mine is, ironically, for people to follow the dreams and passions God has given them. I truly believe God made everyone with unique gifts and talents and He purposefully placed talents and passions together. He didn't give you those dreams and passions by mistake!

2. I LOVE PEOPLE. One of my favorite things is hearing each person's story and unique way of thinking. There is so much we can learn from each other.

3. I relate to music on a deep level. I think its so cool that God created music for us to worship Him! 

4. In my opinion, shoes aren't needed and I enjoy going barefoot. Like, all the time.

Vision Statement

TeenPact changed my perspective on being a Christian and how to live that out and it would be a unique privilege to be able to represent TeenPact through being elected. I kinda hate materialism and I would love to see this year's election process become more about who we are electing, rather than what campaign wins. 

I am full of anticipation for who the Lord has for the 2019 TeenPact elected officials. 

Please come find me at NatCon and I would love to chat!

In the mean time, check out my instagram and see what my message is all about!

Instagram: oliviabanta4rep

Main account: missolivialauren