Gwinn/Bieber Press Release

Christians are called to not only subdue the earth, but also to cultivate and protect the environment (Genesis 1:26 and 2:15). As members of the Compassion Party, the Gwinn/Bieber campaign believes that high-emission fossil fuels and technologies reliant upon them should be gradually phased out in favor of clean energy. However, the United States should not focus on natural gas for long-term energy production, as it creates roughly half the emissions of coal; this is still enough CO2 to cause significant long-term environmental harm. While utilizing natural gas as a cheap intermediary energy source is acceptable, nuclear power should instead be pursued as a long-term energy solution because it is efficient, sustainable, potentially renewable, and produces very few emissions.


There are, however, a few obstacles that must be overcome before nuclear power can become the United States’ primary means of electricity generation. The United States must first focus on creating proper long-term storage solutions for nuclear waste to ensure that it will not have any harmful effects on humans and the environment; one resolution to this issue is to store radioactive waste in boreholes dug deep into crystalline rock. In line with these efforts, research grants should be provided to develop better technologies for the stabilization of radioactive waste, potentially eliminating the need for long-term storage altogether. In addition, the growing success of uranium extraction from seawater shows promise in transforming nuclear energy into a renewable energy source.


Clean energy will become cheaper over time as technology advances, but care must be taken to not phase out cheaper forms of energy production too quickly or economically challenged individuals will become unable to pay for access to electricity. While global desires should be taken into account, the needs of the individual should always come first.