Richardson/Benitez Press Release

Richardson/Benitez stands firm on the ideals of the perseverance party. To keep our Nations integrity strong the United States should continue to utilize fossil fuels from Saudi Arabia, however, in the next few years make strong efforts to move to American resources until the U.S. can independently source their own oil and need not rely on other countries. That being said, Richardson/Benitez does not wish to see environmental issues such as climate change and pollution fall by the waist side. The U.S. should make efforts to reclaim CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels and also find alternate ways to extract oil that doesn't involve fracking which has proven to be dangerous to infrastructures and ecosystems. Richardson/Benitez believes that the fossil fuel industry is vital to the U.S. economy, not only as a household necessity to power homes, cities, and transportation but also to the number of jobs it creates and how many businesses that are in that industry. Richardson/Benitez believes that while Americans should have individual liberty to utilize renewable energy such as solar panels if they wish, fossil fuels have still proven to be more reliable in this day and age.