Briley Glisson


Go Shake the Nations 

Hi there everyone! My name is Briley Glisson and I am from the lovely state of Alabama where the weather is nice and the tea is sweet! My brothers convinced me to attend my first state class in 2015 and I've been hooked ever since! Here are a few things you should know about me: 

1. I LUV to travel! I grew up as a missionary kid in Uganda, Africa and lived there for 6 years. In addition to living over seas, I have gotten the chance to visit around 25 different countries around the world. Traveling and trips in general, are super exciting to me and I'm always down for a trip. So, hit me up if you're going camping or if you're going to South America, I am good with either!

2. Here are just some random facts about me that might intrigue you! 

- I have 10 siblings

- whenever I have a pet -  they don't really survive very long

-  I have played basketball for a few years and I really love it!

- I currently have a cracked spine 

- I have been told I am a terrible high fiver. So, come practice high fives with me at NC please!


I am so excited to have the chance to run for office! This is such a new and exciting thing for me and I am learning so much from it! My vision for TeenPact elections, is to see it more focused on the actual candidate. I think that many times the focus goes towards the message and merch - which is very important for these elections, but it is also important to remember that we are electing someone to represent the TeenPact nation as a whole. We need to make sure we are electing someone that we feel confident in and that is going to represent the ministry of TeenPact well. The message and the fun stickers will most likely be forgotten, but the elected official will not. I would love to see the focus become heavier on the candidate and getting to know them better, and lighter on the actual social media, stickers, and shirts! 

Come find me on the gram to get to know me better and see what my message is all about! See you all so so soon! 


campaign account: @bri_glisson4senate

personal account: @brileyglisson