Peter Stephenson


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Peter Step for Rep.

 Hello, my name is Peter Stephenson and I am 19 years old. I am a four year returning TeenPact student to Washington state, and two years running as one of the Washington State TeenPact Senators. I grew up in small family of nine kids and loved every minute of it. I also have three sister in laws, and four nieces and nephews. Over the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to lead as a travel staffer to Montana, Nevada, and my home state Washington. One week before my home state class I went with my church to Merida Mexico on a short term missions trip. In addition to traveling around the country and continent I also love ministry and it is something that God has given me a passion for, which is why I would like to one day become a pastor. Before I become a pastor I am planning to go to school this coming January to become a firefighter to pay for Bible college and raising a family, which have been just a couple of my life long dreams. But whatever comes my way I am excited to see where God leads me.



My message is called “Painted Skies” and basically the idea of my message is that we are the sky and God is the sun, when we fully trust in Him and allow Him to shine through us we become like a beautiful colorful sunset and we are like the canvas that He paints His colors on. My vision for this message is that people will see that we can become truly beautiful in God’s eyes not just those around us, and allow His Holy Spirit to work within us to His glory and for the benefit and salvation of others. Worship God with your heart, soul, strength and mind and let everything inside of you show not just the aroma of Christ but also the colorful beauty of His true unselfish and unconditional love.


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