Kasey Cochran

Hi friends!! My name is Kasey Cochran and I am running for Senator in the Vision Party this year!!

I have been a part of TeenPact for the past three years, and served as a staffer this past year in my home state of Wisconsin!! This will be my first NatCon and I am so so excited to meet everyone. 


I am running this year to push myself outside of my comfort zone and to meet new people. In the TeenPact events I have attended, the best memories have always come from getting outside of my little bubble and talking to people who I didn’t know. It’s easy to stay in our small little circle where we feel safe and  can be ourselves, but my VISION for TeenPact is to cultivate and see a bigger, stronger community where people feel welcomed, included, and known!! Let’s be friends! 


My message is called Be the Light and it is something that has been near and dear to me in the last year and I am so happy to share it with y’all so soon! :))