Lydia Smith

My name is Lydia Smith and I’m so thrilled to be running for the TeenPact Senate at National Convention 2019! I live in Northern Virginia with my family, but I attended my first four-day class in Wisconsin, where I lived previously. Last year, I came to National Convention knowing only a few staffers and zero students, and while I came home with so many friends and good memories, I know all about the stress of connecting with people! So if you need someone to talk to or someone to eat dinner with, please don’t hesitate to say hello.

My message is essentially a quote that I heard many times from many different people - both staffers and students, friends and strangers, teachers and pastors. Whether I was stressed about giving a devotional to my speech club, struggling to cope with the demands of schedules and classes, or dealing with my own anxieties and internal conflicts, there was always someone telling me, “God’s got you.” At first, it was a phrase that had no weight. I discounted it as another saying, just like “it’s gonna be ok”. But as I got to know the God that was being referred to, the phrase gained meaning. I began to understand that while I might not always be ok, or the situations I’m in might not turn out the way I want them to, God is always going to be there because HE LOVES ME.

The past seven months of my life have brought me to my knees more times than I can count. It was in these times that I gained comfort in the story of Abraham and Isaac, found in Genesis 22. The God of the Bible tested Abraham and led him up a mountain that he didn't want to climb to sacrifice the son he had been promised. And Abraham chose to worship. He built his life on the altar of God’s steadfast love, and that is what enabled him to pass the test. God rarely comes through for us in the way we want or expect Him to. But He always comes through for us. That’s why I can wake up in the morning and trust that no matter what happens, my life is in God’s hands. Whether you’re in the middle of a test or just dealing with life, I want you to know that God’s got you.

Hit me up on instagram (@lydiasmithforsenate) to find out more about me and my message!