Tessa Lynn

Hello hello friends! My name is Tessa Lynn, but most people call me by my nickname Ted just for kicks and giggles. My lovely family includes my two wonderful parents and my three beautiful sisters (and my one furry golden retriever sister who truly does act like a human). As a family, camping and traveling has always been a huge part of our lives. The mountains are my happy place but traveling in general is something I love to do! I play basketball, piano, ukulele and enjoy singing and creating art. I love unique, out of the ordinary things and i love raw authenticity. A few favorites of mine are wildflowers, giraffes, fortune cookies, the word “also”, cuddly things, and the color yellow! 

Since my first state class in 2015, God has used TeenPact as a catalyst that has shaped me and continues to shape me into the daughter He has called me to be. I am so beyond thankful for my experiences at TeenPact. 

Ever since I felt God tugging on my heart to run for representative at National Convention under Persist Together, I have seen Him revealing more and more to me about this message. We must not let the darkness in our lives pull us down but instead choose to live in the resurrection power. We must choose to persist and live in Jesus’ victory, and not only live but live fully alive. No matter how messed up and beaten up we might be, we can keep on coming back to Him. Every. Single. Time. We can always come back to our precious Savior because He does not call us to perfection, but instead persistence. God does not only call us to persist, but furthermore, He calls us to persist together. The authenticity of the church shines through when we pick each other up when we fall. Our mission is to push each other, to grow alongside each other, to be raw and real and vulnerable with each other so that we can persist together as children of light in this world of darkness. United, we proclaim that we will not believe based on the darkness we see. We will believe based on the love He has for us and the life He has promised. We will persist.  

I cannot wait to meet you all and share more about my message at NatCon!! You can find me on Instagram @tessalynn4rep for more info about me and my message!