Toby Forehand/Madelyn McDonald


Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds. Not very long, huh? Studies show you have seven seconds to make a first impression on someone.

Toby Forehand and Madelyn McDonald believe that what is most important to us, should be what is most apparent about us; all noticeable within those first seven seconds. As believers, followers, and ambassadors of Christ, what’s most important to us should be Jesus, right?

The challenge we are faces with is this: Every time you encounter someone new, you have seven seconds, what are you going to do with it?

Toby and Madelyn are challenging themselves and the TeenPact nation to bear the fruits of the Spirit within their first seven seconds, to remind people of Jesus, often without using words. Because most likely what happens in those first seven seconds, will be what that person remembers about you for the rest of their life.

Ready? Set? Think. Think about someone who left a remarkable first impression on you, good or bad. What if every time we had a first impression, we made it remarkably similar to how Jesus lived?


“Toby speaks with an endearing confidence. Because of his time in speech and debate, he enjoys speaking in front of people about things he is passionate about. He leads with boldness, while remaining as approachable and genuine as Bob Ross.

Madelyn’s nurturing character and intriguing testimony provides a relatable aspect to her ticket. Her incredible story about coming to know Jesus leaves people with hope and adoration for the faithful God they serve.” Written by Forehand/McDonald Media Manager, Davis Smith.


Forehand/McDonald’s vision is to represent TeenPact well, by empowering the student body to exercise the leadership skills they have acquired within TeenPact. They believe the best way to do this is by creating easily accessed opportunity to exercise them, while providing the resources they need to succeed. They don’t just want to give the platform to lead, but provide the resources to support those they are representing.

This visionary ticket has created an executive order that will do just this. They are introducing the, “State Ambassador Executive Order,” on their Instagram campaign page (@forehand.mcdonald) on Saturday, May 18th.Instagram: