Anna Claire Williams

Slogan: More Than Anything

Christ requires total surrender of us and we see a perfect example of that in Ruth 1:16-17 in how Ruth loyally follows Naomi

My name is Anna Claire Williams and I hail from the beautiful state of Mississippi! I have been involved in TeenPact for the past 10 years ever since my mom dragged my older brother and I to our first One Day. A few things to know about me :

1. small talk drives me up a wall -- I am not afraid to jump straight into a deep conversation because I feel like people get know others better when you jump in the deep end rather than chilling in the kiddie hit me up for a lit convo at NC

2. a few random things that we might end up having in common: I am lactose intolerant, I don't like cats, I was a dancer for 14 years, to stay active I run and kick box, I love going fishing,  my black lab is my baby, I have only have one other sibling, and I am completely blind in my left eye.

3. My favorite thing about TeenPact is the friends I have made! They push me closer to Christ everyday, challenge me to do hard things and make the bad days so much better.

Vision Statement

My vision for TeenPact elections is to see it become less materialistic. While t-shirts and mugs, and give aways, and lapel pins are super fun, I really feel like it takes away from the sole purpose of running. At NC, when you run for office, you are not only seeking to represent Christ and the message you are running with, but you are also seeking to represent TeenPact. Like i said, i don’t think merchandise is bad, but i feel like it distracts from looking at why this or that candidate would represent TeenPact the best. It doesn’t come down to who has the best T-shirt’s or spent the most money on their campaign, but it comes down to how they will represent Christ as the represent TeenPact. Additionally, one other thing i would love to see is a member of the Elected Officials being able to serve and represent the student body on the TeenPact Board. This will all take baby steps and working together though!

Instagram: @anna_clairew