Slogan: Look Outside

Whaddup TeenPact nation! I'm Biani Benitez and I'm jazzed to be running for Vice President alongside Isaac Richardson this year. I remember sitting in the con center at my first National Convention in 2016 and thinking how crazy it would be to run in a national TeenPact election, I never imagined three years later I would be doing it myself. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, and to share a message that has personally challenged me. 

Here's a lil about me!

I'm from Washington state, and I live just outside of one of the best cities in the world, Seattle. I first attended TeenPact as a one day student in 2009, after that I was hooked, coming back every year for more TP leg and scavenger hunts around the capital.

A lot has changed since that little eight-year-old girl came to her first state class. Since then God has used TeenPact to impact my relationships, my priorities, and my walk with the Lord. TeenPact taught me what Christ-like leadership is, and inspires me to impact others for his Kingdom wherever I go while resting in his promises in the process.

Vision Statement

Jesus took the ultimate step of humility, in that while he was God he lowered himself to take the form of a human and serve others here on earth. During this time he had the mindset of counting others more significant and worthy than himself, making the conscious choice to serve others, all the while, never counting equality with God something to even be grasped. In Philippians 2 Paul urges believers to have the same mindset of Christ, humility. To Look Outside means to look past our own needs and look to the needs of others, just as Christ did while he was on earth.

Instagram: richardson.benitez