Braden Kanyur

Slogan: Accessible

Hey guys! What is up, my name is Braden Kanyur and thank you so much for taking a moment to stop and learn a thing or two about me. 

I reside in the pretty ok state of Arizona and have attended Teenpact for 4 years now. Currently i am a full time student and Jesus worshiper, part time guitarist/banjoist (have to keep people on their toes!). Right now I am in a committed relationship with my dogs and guinea pigs, time consuming but a worthy investment. in my free time i love hanging out with my friends, mountain biking, exploring weird caves or all three.

Vision Statement

Every year I attended NC I always saw all the candidates and was like, dang, I wish I could do that. But I never felt ready, and the truth is I'm not, but God placed a message on my heart and was like, hey go tell people about this. What my vision for Teenpact elections, and Teenpact as a whole, is to be focused on the candidate, how well they represent Teenpact, and what their message for the student body is. I get how cool the stickers and the merch is, or how people see elections as a popularity contest, but i say there is more. That is why my goal for running this year is to redirect my campaign from me, Braden Kanyur, and give it to God. He's the reason why i'm doing this and his will, not some cool stickers, will ultimately decide who is elected.

just a statement:

I am so much more than exuberant to be running this year and can't wait to talk to every last one of you!

instagram: @bradenkanyurforsenate