Daniel McCarthy

Slogan: Don't Settle For Less

Hi y’all, I’m Daniel McCarthy, I hail from the small coastal town of Satellite Beach, Florida, exactly one mile from the beach, which equates to an eight-minute long-board ride, unless I have to bring my four siblings. Like most TeenPact families, my family is relatively big: seven in all, I have three younger siblings (two are adopted from China) and one older brother. Although I’m not the oldest, I’m the ever so important tallest sibling. If y’all get to know me, you’ll quickly find out that I’m a huge sports fan and super competitive. Ever since I was little, I was involved in sports, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, and running. Every bit of my free time from 6-12 was spent outside, normally playing backyard football and roller hockey; therefore, broken bones were not uncommon. Sadly, I don’t have as much free time, but you can find me at the lacrosse fields almost every day. From what I know my story with TeenPact isn’t as unusual as I once thought it was. I forced to go to my first state class and thought I was going to hate it. Dress clothes, school work, and politics didn’t exactly sound like fun to me, but what I found at TeenPact completely changed my life. It was at TeenPact when I truly took hold of my faith, and I made relationships that will last a lifetime.

Over the past year I’ve dived into what it truly means to represent Christ. In 2 Corinthians 5 20-21, Colossians 3:2, and 1 Peter 2:9 it talks about what it means to represent God, you see the second we claim to be a Christians we officially become representations of who God is. There’s just one problem, the God we serve is perfect, while we are sinners and could never represent a perfect God fully. But we are still called to represent God to the best of our ability. My first realization of this principle came from my youth pastor. We were on a mission trip and with a few others, and I had to prepare a lengthy skit on a Bible story. After halfheartedly preparing for the skit, our youth pastor walked over and told us, “Do y’all not understand who we’re representing down here? We’re representing what it means to be a Christian to these kids, and by y’all not putting any effort into this skit shows that you don’t care. So if you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the perfect God who is in heaven.” We aren’t living for ourselves on this earth but rather a perfect God. So don’t settle for that easy B or C, but rather strive for excellence in everything you do. Obviously, we’ll (I’ll) never be able to achieve this “goal”, but I implore y’all to strive for this lofty goal and don’t settle for less.

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email: danielmcc@kmail.org