Eva Reynolds

Slogan: Child of Weakness

Hi!! My name is Eva Reynolds. At 16 years old, I’ve lived in the state of Maryland for my entire life. The youngest of 3, I attended my first state class in 2017, thinking it was just some government class, but I left the first day IN LOVE with this organization! Ever since then, it’s been wild! God has used TeenPact to grow me as a person & bring me closer to Him in SO many ways! I am so grateful God has brought me to the point of running for senator!!

Here’s a little bit more about me -> I’ve ridden horses since I was 6 years old, I work as a front desk receptionist for my old orthodontist, I have a LOT of semi-distant relatives that live in Uruguay, which is a country just south of Brazil, and I have the same birthday as Steve Carell! I LOVE green tea, adventures (especially with friends), singing, deep conversations, warm weather, walking barefoot, stars, art, classic literature, and philosophy!

I would love to get to know YOU, so please come find me if you are attending NC, and if you will be absent, feel free to DM me on instagram!

Instagram: @reynolds.for.senate