Josiah Kolar


Hey there! Thanks for checking out these bio's! My name is Josiah Kolar, and this is my 4th year in TeenPact. I have lived in Omaha, Nebraska for my whole life. (We call it Homaha :)) 

Some facts about me -- I work in the meat department at a grocery store. If need a steak, I'm your guy. I really like exploring abandoned areas and under bridges. I love cats. And dogs. and really anything that is fluffy and loves me back. I like to think I can quote movies pretty well, and I will gladly participate in a Disney quote-off anytime, anywhere.

Vision Statement

I would love to see less comparison of messages between candidates and more comparison of how they plan on representing the student body and making TeenPact better. That being said, there are some absolutely incredible messages that I've heard at NC over the years. I think messages are a vital part of any TeenPact campaign, but I don't think we, as voters, should compare one message to another. I am a big fan of how the Gould/DeMoss campaign was able to bring more responsibility to the elected officials over this last year, and I hope to see that continued.

Campaign Instagram: kolar.for.senate