Lily Beall

Slogan: True Patriot

I am a candidate for Representative in the Perseverance Party whose life has been changed through TeenPact. I’m a second generation TeenPact student, and my father attended the inaugural TeenPact class in Georgia in 1994. I have been playing the violin for the past ten years and am an aspiring author. God used TeenPact to call me into politics at an early age. I have been to the four-day state class for the past two years and have attended five one-day state classes. I enjoy school, especially Latin, Debate, and Writing. My favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you?

Be strong and courageous! Do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” I am a true patriot, for I am a descendent of Richard Warren, who signed the Mayflower compact. I have a clear vision for how TeenPact can revolutionize the lives of students across America. I will, whole-heartedly, be a leader and will help further TeenPact in my state and in this great nation. I'm confident I can rise to the challenge of representing TeenPact.

Vision Statement

I believe that TeenPact is doing a great job of teaching students to do everything with excellence and for the Glory of God. If I’m elected, I will be your voice, and will be the advocate for every TeenPact student across the nation. I will base my decisions on what is best for the TeenPact family and will serve you with excellence. I’ve noticed that if you’re not excited or enthusiastic for what you believe, your audience won’t be inspired. Therefore, if we aren’t excited for what amazing things TeenPact has done and is doing in the lives of USA students and for the incredible love and power of Christ, whoever we’re trying to reach won’t want to listen. But if we let Christ radiate through our actions and follow and obey Jesus no matter what, there’s no telling where He will lead us! Changing lives to change the world.