Nate Furlough

Slogan: Drop It

Hey hey hey! My name is Nate Furlough and I come from a little place in Ohio called “The Village of Yellow Springs” where shoes are optional, music is prevalent, and you meet some very unique individuals. I showed up to TeenPact 2 years ago to just to hangout with my friends and was blown away to meet people dedicating every moment to the glory of Christ, even while teaching Government! Through staffing this season and last, I have been blown away by the unique community TeenPact provides and the amazing friendships I have made. While not hopping around performing Oscar worthy misbehaved children in skits, I participate in Team Policy debate and make the coffee for the people as a barista. I’m passionate about friendships, community, and seeing the gospel spread. This fall I will be attending Union University in Jackson, TN after which I hope to be even more involved in non-profit work and ministry! Find me at NC if you enjoy cheesy jokes, exaggerated stories, and bragging on Jesus!

Vision Statement

When TeenPact is at its purest, it is a beautiful example of discipleship - where a community is working together to make much of Jesus and pursue him more fully. Sadly, what starts out pure can sometimes fall into glorifying certain individuals and putting the focus on our own achievements. My prayer for TeenPact is that we would be known for dropping any pride or desire for personal recognition and truly give all glory to Christ.

Instagram: @furlough4rep